Industrial sewing machines for clothing industy, automotive industry, technical textile and upholstered furniture industry, Energy and pressing equipment, presses for fusing, CNC and multineedle machines, Spare parts and accessories for clothing and textile industry, energy and pressing equipment, presses for fusing, CNC and multineedle machines Alterfil sewing cotton

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Dürkopp-Adler Kl. 806-121100

Sewing unit for automatic setting of pockets. For light- weight material such as shirts, nightwear etc. With single and twin seam, with straight  tack

AMF 70-52 NP

Decorative stitching machine

Singer 302-U-406

4 needle cylinder arm chainstich machine with needle feed, drop feed and top driven puller feed


Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed,  needle feed and alternating feet, edge trimmer

VI.BE.MAC. 1650EV4

Twenn needle automatic loop setting unit

Union Special Kl. 36200 BA

4-needle, 6-thread feed-off-the-arm-Flatseamer with top cover thread for

flat seaming panty hose

Dűrkopp-Adler 171-141521

Single needle two thread-chainstitch machine with bottom feed and thread trimmer

Union Special 200-1

Button sewing machine

Dürkopp Adler kl. 556-1101

Automatic lockstitch buttonholer

Dürkopp Adler kl. 219-115156

Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed and variable top feed 

Dürkopp Adler Kl. 767-FA-273

Twin needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet

Strobel Kl. 45-223

Single thread bluff edge blindstitch machine

Pfaff 3704-2/02

Engineered workplace for collar operations

Slomatex is official representant for

Sewing technik
Dürkopp-Adler AG, Bielefeld, ZRN
Machines, Processing Equipment and System for the Sewn Products Industriy

Blind stitch maschines and special machines
Strobel Spezialmaschinen Gmbh, Puchheim, ZRN
Blind stitch machines for garment, special machines for the shoe industry, leather an fur processing and for the field of technical textile

Energy and pressing equipment
Hornung GMBH Indupress Co. KG, Hösbach, ZRN
Energy and pressing equipment

High Technology applied in production of machines for mattresses
Gruppo Grassi srl, Montemurlo (PO), Italy
Italian design, German Construction; Full productive line for mattress producers

Perforating machines and plating machines for leather
G.F.P., Bientina, Italija
Perforating machines and plating machines for leather


Leather printing samples

Perforating samples

Freudenberg Gygli AG, Zug, Švica
Presses for fusing of all kinds of fabrics, manual and semi-automatic presses for special tasks, special equipment for shirt and blouse manufacturers

Special machines and equipment
KSL Keilmann Sondermaschinenbau GMBH, Lorsch, Deutschland
Airbags, Automotive interior, Composites, Filter, Mattress, Free programmble stiching units, Special stitching units, Multi-needle stitching units